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Who We Are

We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated people who are passionate about your home and design. Having been in business since 1992, we have served many customers, each with their own personal styles and preferences. Charlotte's Custom Draperies and Home Fashions prides itself on their ability to go above and beyond in fulfilling customer orders and expectations.

Charlotte Connors

Charlotte is the owner of Charlotte's Custom Draperies and Home Fashions. Having enjoyed making custom draperies and fashions for her own home for 30 years, Charlotte decided to eliminate the custom gowns, clothing, and alternations from her then sewing business, and take the risky step of focusing entirely on customers homes. That was in 2002 when Charlotte's Custom Draperies and Home Fashions was started and she has never regretted the decision to change.

In June, 2015, Charlotte's work was featured in an article of Funeral Home & Cemetery News. Read it here.
Article reprinted with permission by Nomis Publications
Article Author: MaryAnne Scheuble

Get to know Charlotte:

  1. What has made you so interested in creating home furnishings and sewing? Sewing and creating became my passion from a very young age. Having grown up in a creative family it comes naturally. Creating beautiful rooms for my home and my customers is an obsession that shows in my work.
  2. Tell me about your line of work and what makes you qualified to serve the community? a.) My line of work requires many skills and different hats. It is a business which requires organization, promoting, advertising, taxes, insurance coverage, dedication and team work. Then there are the practical elements such as fabric samples, trims, hardware, linings, many fabrication supplies, industrial equipment, and team work. Last but most important is the creative side where I work with a customer to bring what they envision for their home to life. Whether it is as small as a single throw pillow or a whole house.

    b.) What makes me qualified to serve the community?"

    I am trustworthy, fair and always strive for a beautiful finish with great emphasis on detail. I have a long history of satisfied and returning customers.
  3. Explain to me your process After initial contact I make a home visit, designs are drawn and decisions are made. Fabrics arrive and the amazing creative process begins. Patterns are made or altered for customization. Cornices or headboards are built, valances, bedding, drapes/blinds are fabricated. As yards and yards of fabric roll off a simple cardboard tube, gorgeous creations unfold before my eyes.

    Once a customer's custom design is installed in the perfect surrounding, the stunning beauty and warmth are finally able to be seen and enjoyed for years to come.
  4. List a few challenges
    • Creating a corner backdrop area for a local funeral home had many parameters that made it quite a challenge. The funeral driector always placed his caskets at an angle so I decided to start with an impressive pelmet and horn design placed on an angle almost at the ceiling height. I repeated this pelmet and horn design, stepping down a few inches each time on either side of the angled treatment. Overall there were seven sections and 20 feet of wall space covered by the top treatment. Twenty inches beneath the top treatment a deep picture rail decided how long the traversing drapery panels could be, and the top treatment had to be long enough to cover the drapery header but not long enough to be caught in the discrete door behind the drapes used during a service to remove the casket.
    • Starting from a pattern of an arch two stories above a church baptistery with no place to attach drapes, I decided to make a flat cornice that could be installed by securing it to the wood trim of the arch. The cornice was finished on the bottom with the same trim used on the edge of the arched drapery panels that were then attached to the cornice. When both pair of drapes are opened for a baptism, the cornice beneath shows. Beautiful!
    • Installing a beautiful custom-made half tester or corona covered in a beautiful acanthus leaf chenille onto a 10' high ceiling of a 171-year-old home with ceiling joist made of tree trunks covered in lath and plaster. It took three men to hold it while being installed. Beautiful chenille bed drapes were hung beneath.
    • Installing gorgeous crewel embroidery drapes on wooden rod and rings in a historic home where the ceiling changes height by 1" in 60" of width and makes it look level to the eye.
    • Making a shaped bottom wood cornice for a bay window, add to that horizontal stripes with striped cording placed at the joints. Yikes! Turned out beautiful!
    • Building outstanding vocal points for bedrooms by building and upholstering custom design headboards. Difficult because of the bulk and weight, but well worth the effort.

Christina Conklin

Christina completed her design education at Bauder College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1984. Since that time she has worked locally for a furniture and design store as well as offering innovative design advice to many friends and family in the Southwestern PA region. Her creative perspective allows her to assist you conceptually from your homes' pre-design phase, well into the completed construction. She applies her insight to guide you in the design of a single room or an entire dwelling.

Her abilities encompass a broad spectrum of design experience. She engages in color consulting as well as furniture selection and floor planning.

Josie & Terry Bowman

Josie & Terry Bowman are our blind specialists. This husband & wife team have 30 years of experience perfecting the details & requirements necessary to install the perfect blind application for your home. Carrying Graber, Hunter Douglas & Horizon supplies the options are endless.

Robin Throckmorton

Robin Throckmorton has over a 40-year background in sewing, bringing high quality fabrication skills to the business. She also enables us to provide embroidering, of which she is a master. She has dedicated herself to learning from a digitizing professional.

Nancy Holbert

Nancy Holbert holds over 35 years of upholstery experience. With her exceptional skills, she brings unlimited possibilities and boundless capabilities, adding yet another dimension to Charlotte's Custom Draperies and Home Fashions.

Jim Brand

Jim Brand is a professional drapery & shade installer with over 30 years of experience, having installed for a large drapery and furniture store in the Morgantowon area, then branching out on his own. He installs for drapery businesses and several interior designers, as well as in commercial venues.

Commercial Patrons

Charlotte's Custom Draperies and Home Fashions has had quite a few notable commercial patrons:

  • Sisters 4 Tea House
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • Eva K. Bowlby Library
  • First Baptist Church
  • Bates Fork Baptist Church
  • Rush Funeral Home